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Taizhou Werto Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is China Water Submersible Pumps Manufacturers and OEM Submersible Pump, We are one of modern enterprises which acquire the core technology of water pumps and electric motors,we implement modernization management ,all our products are in conformity with ISO9001 international standard. Besides we have all necessary automation machineries and equipments to keep high productivity and stable quality.

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At present,our plant covering 8,000 square meters ,with more than 100 employees and workers ,and our annual production has reached 300,000 sets.Our products have been exported to Southeast Asia,European Union,Russian Federation,Middle East Areas ,South America,nearly over 20 countries and areas,and widely praised by our customers.Our almost products cover household use and agricultural irrigation as well as the industrial construction industry, providing you with complete solutions.

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What is Submersible Pump?
A submersible pump is a type of pump that is designed to operate while completely submerged in liquid. These pumps are typically used for pumping water, but they can also be used for other liquids, such as oil, slurry, and sewage.
Submersible pumps are designed to be placed directly into the liquid being pumped, which allows them to be more efficient than other types of pumps. They are typically sealed to prevent water or other liquids from entering the motor and other components, and they are often made from materials that are resistant to corrosion and other types of damage.
These pumps are commonly used for various applications, including domestic and commercial water supply, irrigation, drainage, sewage pumping, and industrial pumping. Submersible pumps are available in a range of sizes and capacities, from small pumps used in homes and gardens to large pumps used in industrial and municipal applications.
Overall, submersible pumps are a reliable and efficient solution for pumping liquids, particularly in applications where the pump needs to be submerged in the liquid being pumped.

How long can Clean Water Submersible Pump work continuously?
The duration that a clean water submersible pump can work continuously will depend on several factors, such as the quality of the pump, operating conditions, and maintenance practices.
In general, most clean water submersible pumps are designed to operate continuously for several hours or even days, depending on the pump's capacity and the specific application.
However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's recommended operating guidelines and maintenance practices to ensure the pump's optimal performance and longevity. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in premature wear and tear of the pump, leading to reduced efficiency or even failure.
It is also important to monitor the pump regularly during operation to ensure that it is operating correctly and that there are no issues or malfunctions that could cause damage or failure.
Overall, a well-maintained clean water submersible pump can provide reliable and efficient operation for an extended period, making it an excellent choice for applications that require continuous operation.

What is the difference between Dirty Water Submersible Pump and clear water submersible pump? What is the difference?
The main difference between a dirty water submersible pump and a clear water submersible pump is the type of water they are designed to pump.
Clearwater submersible pumps are designed to pump clean or clear water with little or no debris, such as water from a well, a cistern, or a swimming pool. These pumps usually have smaller openings, impellers, and motors, and are designed to operate more efficiently when pumping clean water.
On the other hand, dirty water submersible pumps are designed to pump water that contains solids, debris, or sludge, such as water from a flooded basement, a pond, or a construction site. These pumps typically have larger openings, impellers, and motors to handle the higher volume of water and solids and prevent clogging or damage to the pump.
In general, dirty water submersible pumps are more versatile and can handle a wider range of applications than clear water submersible pumps. However, clear water submersible pumps are more efficient when pumping clean water, and they can typically pump water at a higher rate than dirty water submersible pumps.
It is essential to select the appropriate type of submersible pump for the specific application to ensure optimal performance and avoid damage to the pump.